Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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Bent/broken dc plug on a HP 15 notebook power adapter

Can a Bent/broken dc plug on a HP 15 notebook power adapter be replaced? Is it worth the effort? Looks like the cable may be coaxial to suit the coaxial dc plug.

HP 15 notebook dc power plug

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Frank, not sure what you mean by this "HP 15 " The DC jack is actually relatively easy to replace. Use this service manual page 101 will show you how to do it. The part number is 719859-001 and cost ~$20USD. Is it worth the effort? Depends on if you want to spend 20 bucks.

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Thanks oldturkey03

I am actually wondering about the plug on the power adapter, not the jack it goes into in the laptop.


i have ac adapter of hp 15 notebook, with red, black and white. i have another with black, blue and white. The first one has been damaged. I want to replace a broken part by the second one. what color to what color to pair them together?


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