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La videocámara se lanzó al mercado en 2003. Se puede identificar por la marca JVC y el número de modelo GR-D93U.

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Why doesn't it recognize the lens cap being off?

when i remove the lens cap from the camera it does not recognize that it has been removed.i am prompted to remove the lens cap even though it has already been removed. i am not able to record do to this malfunction. what can be the problem and how can it be fixed?

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The camera believes the lens cap is on when it is actually off.

Low Light Received by Lens

  • If you are in a dark area, turn lens toward a light source. The camera uses light to detect the difference between the lens being on or off. By introducing more light to the lens, the camera will know the lens is in fact off.

Device May Require Being Restarted

  • Restart the camera with the lens cap off.

For more help please follow the link below to the troubleshooting page:

JVC GR-D93U Troubleshooting

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Thank you thank you thank you. It worked, I have used the light on my phone to fix it and it actually worked. Took few minutes to start recognizing stuff around but now works just fine.

- de

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Have this problem too. It looks like unfortunately when this happens its due to the CCD being defective. The lens cap error is a symptom of no light being detected.

It might be worth checking the ribbon cables in case the CCD one has come off.

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