How do I repair Toshiba Satellite A215-S4747 black screen?

I use my laptop to do research and occasionally browse online. About a year ago, when I turned my laptop on it would boot, but the screen remained black. After plugging it into another outlet, the screen worked and I updated all drivers. After restarting the laptop, the screen went black again. After a few months of not using the laptop, I tried to turn it on. Same thing, will boot, but black screen. Moved laptop to another room. Miraculously, laptop screen came on so I put it to sleep when not in use and shut it down about once a week. After about five months, laptop has black screen again. I removed adapter and held down power button for a minute three times (over the course of a week). Now, laptop will not boot at all. Although screen was black, laptop would power on and boot. After holding power button, "Satellite" no longer lights up, only power icon and laptop will not boot. I have used a $10 adapter since 2011 when my dog ate the original adapter. What should I do? Replace adapter, CMOS battery, inverter, backlight... Or invest in a new laptop? I do not have an external monitor to connect to.

UPDATE: Just plugged in laptop. Power and "Satellite" icons lit. Laptop beeped twice (two short beeps). Have ACPI Flash BIOS, will find out version.

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