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The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S is a 2015 2-in-1 convertible laptop with an 11.6” multi-touch display.

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Why won't my laptop charge?

My laptop isn't charging even though I have the charger plugged into the wall and the laptop.

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Does the device need to be on or off when new battery is installed


Hi, The device is going to switch off when you remove the battery anyway but It is better to have the device turned off in a controlled manner by shutting it down first correctly before you work on the battery. You do not want surges caused by disconnecting/connecting the power going through it whilst it is on. You also should not have the charger connected when you do this.


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Double check to make sure that the charger is firmly plugged into the outlet as well as firmly plugged into the laptop. Check the ports to which you are connecting in order to make sure they are not broken. To test this, you can use another laptop, phone, or any device that uses electricity to see if that device will charge. If that device charges, there is nothing wrong with the ports.

If your laptop is still not charging, then there are steps to check what is wrong with the laptop. First, check the battery relation with the laptop. In order to do this, take the battery out and charge the laptop without the battery in it. If the laptop is charging, then your battery has burnt out and the best solution is to purchase a new battery. Next, you can physically feel the cord of the charger. Feel along the wire and see if there are any frayed wires, breaks, or burnouts along the wire. If this is the case, and it smells or feels burnt, then it is best to purchase a new laptop charger. It is suggested to buy a charger with the same voltage as the original charger. This laptop requires a 16-20V charger.

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Lenovo Edge 2 went completely dead, changed the battery and got new power supply. It charged to 39% and stopped charging. Why?


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