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How to open a zip file without upsetting Explorer which crashes

Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer do not like zip files. I received a zip file from a trusted relative. I tried to open it and my pc is basically locked up and has to be rebooted. I can barely get to the "x" on each window to close them as the "flickering" open and close of Explorer is fast. If I am nimble I can close all windows and shutdown normally. MB finds nothing.

FF and Chrome put files where you can not find them.

So, I've un-zipped files many times but not recently as Explorer locks up in a open and close endless mode.

There were a couple zip files from 2+ weeks ago. At that time the pc had to be turned off manually. And on one case of reboot, when turned back on there were 113 IE browsers open. That's one hundred and thirteen, so Explorer or IE does not like zip files.

Why are files zipped, if standard programs can not open them?

The sender for some reason sent it zipped when their camera takes .jpg and they have sent me .jpg many times.

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The zip files or system could be infected, the third-party software not working/installed correctly, the file permissions could be odd, or some security software may be getting in the way such as antivirus. If the zip files are legitimately damaged or corrupted, there are many tools and a few free ones that can recover damaged zip files. You can download program of Zip files through: - ZIP Viewer Tool

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