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The Canon Powershot A590 IS is an 8 megapixel digital point-and-shoot camera with a 4x optical zoom and a 2.5 inch LCD screen.

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Black Spot on pictures

1/2" square black image appears on Lcd Monitor and in pictures. It looks like a piece of dirt on the lens but it will not wipe off, it must be on the inside.

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It looks like you solved your own problem right there in your question, they just confirmed your solution. :)

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We had an issue like this with one of the cameras here. Sure enough, as Majesty has said, it was a small speck of dirt on the sensor. Compressed air is a fine solution. They also make a cleaning solution for cameras for just this purpose as well.

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I would carefully open the camera up and clean the insides with compressed air. You might have dirt or other small debris on the sensor. Don not try to wipe the lens, most likely the debris is inside of the camera.

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clean the sensor(CCD)

10000% clear ur fault

i have clear this fault many time

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Keep up the repair solutions, but please do not post contact information to advertise your personal business. Thanks!

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