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Released in 2013, this multifunction laptop is a part of the Satellite C50 laptop series. It has a 15.6" display screen and comes with Windows 8.

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Why is my laptop not charging?

I charged my laptop overnight but when I woke up, my laptop was not fully charged.

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My lap top is not charjing

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Sometimes the cord may be plugged into the computer, but it may not be properly plugged in elsewhere. Make sure the cord connecting the computer to the AC adapter is fully plugged in. Sometimes the constant pulling of the cord will slightly disconnect it.

If the cord is connected to an electrical outlet extender, make sure it is on and fully connected to an outlet. It could be off and not transmitting the charge. If the cord is directly connected to an outlet, then firmly push the cord into the wall and check for a charge. If it is still not working, try a different outlet! You may have a short and need to plug it elsewhere.

Sometimes the computer just needs to be restarted. Hold down the power button until the computer turns off. Take out the battery and wait a couple of seconds to put it back in. Then turn on your computer, and check to see if your computer is charging.

If you're still confused, check out the Toshiba Satellite C55D-A5201 Troubleshooting Page.

Hope this helps!

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Please attempt using a different Plug and take battery out and see if it powers on and if doesn’t it means the charger is faulty and the charging port

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If you’re experiencing what I’m going through, you’re not crazy and the other answers are no help. I plug my charger in my Toshiba C75D-B7202 and it’s a complete crapshoot whether or not it will recharge. I make sure everything is plugged fully the green light is on. The charge light comes on on the edge of the computer and Windows indicates that it’s charging in the lower right. But, hovering over the battery icon, the charge level gradually drops. When I know it’s discharging, I unplug & replug the power connector and … wait. More than half of the time, it continues discharging. SO frustrating, because it can be several minutes until the %charge changes and if I get busy and forget, it completely discharges and can be extremely difficult to get started (for the same reason.)

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