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Repair guides and support for desktop computers produced by Asus including towers and all-in-one display PCs.

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no drivers for internet wireless on windows vista home premium 32 bit

how do I get drivers for windows vista home premium 32 bit asus to get networking when I go to properties it says no network driveireless drivers cant get internet have wireless but cant find correct driverts anywhere not even on asus website

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(I realize im responding to a post in a Jurassic era but just in case somebody needs a guide)

I dont think you'd find driver's for vista... its no longer supported.

[] you could purchase a wifi dongle that supports windows vista

[] or better, move up to windows 7. if you think your system is too sluggish to work with higher windows, try ChromeOS,

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Try to download from Asus websties, it may spend you much time. If you want to fix no driver on Asus computer problem, you can try to use program tool.

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