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How to install WIndows 95 in a pc with 2.1ghz processor?

Whenever I install Windows 95 and run it for the first time on my old pentium it gives me a Windows protection error. I have tried to boot into safe mode and it boots just fine. Any fixes?

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Did you use the recovery disk that came with your system? Often you need support files that are on them.

You could try contacting the company that made your system to see if they still offer a recovery disk (Windows 95 is very old).


Did 95 given recovery option?


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I'm not sure if this will help but I have run win95 on a VM and got the same error my solution was to limit the ram to 256mb win95 doesn't cache more than 256mb. Hope this helps

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Hemanth Srinivasan,

When Microsoft release Win95 Processing architecture was 16bit which runs 386 and 486 Intel chips. win95 system require RAM is 4MB, To achieve optimal performance they recommended 8MB RAM, Microsoft announced win 95 can support unto 2GB of RAM capacity (theoretically) but OS got failed to start on 480MB RAM capacity. as Jimfixer mentioned on his answer, i'm agreed with him and recommended you to run Win95 on 256MB RAM capacity or less. this is one point Microsoft's theory didn't applied whit practical situation


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