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7, 8, and M keys not working

Hello, 7, 8, and m keys not working on my laptop? Could this be a cleaning issue? if so how best to clean? I popped up one the keys but nothing change by striking it without the key tab. Many thanks in advance!

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I'd take the tops of the keys off (rip them off as quickly as possible, because pulling them slowly can damage the plastic components underneath). Once the tops are off, you'll see a bouncy rubber piece. If you press on this firmly with your finger and the letters do appear, then I would say the issue is with the plastics under the key probably needing to be replaced, and for that you can find people on eBay who offer individual keys and the plastics underneath them for $5 or so.

If pressing the rubber trigger does not work, unfortunately there may be damage to the circuitry of the keyboard, and you may have to replace it. This is most common with liquid damage, I'd say.

You can put the keys back together by lining things up, and pressing down until you feel and hear a "click". Don't press too firmly, or you may cause damage. Good luck!

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Probably cleaning, a quick fix could be taking a can of compressed air and spraying around and under the keys.

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Is there any possibility that someone spilled any liquid on the keyboard?

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Toggle the num lock key-Can you press any of those keys?

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These keys would all function under num-lock

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