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Why is my device not turning on?

The battery is drained in my Pioneer TBT-7R1-K tablet and it will not allow me to turn it on. There is also a bad cable connection. It seems that nothing is showing on the screen, which leads me to believe that the device is damaged.

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Lisa, there may be several reasons that your device is not turning on. The simplest reason is that there is an issue with the charging/battery system. Make sure that you are using the correct micro-USB charger that is functioning and not damaged. If the charger and charging cord are working there may be an issue with the actual battery, which can be replaced by opening up the device. Second, there you buttons may be stuck or not functioning, in which case you can also open up the device and try engaging the area where the button should be touching. Finally, the worst case scenario is that the motherboard is malfunctioning or damaged. In this case you will have to replace the motherboard, which is difficult to find independent of another device.

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