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The Epson Stylus Photo 820 is a photo color inkjet printer, released in 2001.

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Is teardown the only way to unclog heads.

I have run the cleaner many times. It will not dispense ink. what do you recommend?

Thank you

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Hi TONY, I to have an ESP 820. i AM PRESENTLY CLEANING THE HEADS AS i TYPE THIS. Sorry 4 the caps.

I took a paper towel--folded it over & over 'til it was about 1" top-bottom & 6-7" long. Sprayed both sides w/ Windex w/ ammonia-soaked it really.

with the printhead assemble all the way to the FAR RIGHT>>>I inserted the soaked paper towel into that little gully the the p-heaqds always go over & over.

I pressed the 3rd button to the RIGHT>>>the head went right over the paper towel (not quite centered).

Left it like that over night. It's printing w 3rd party ink. NOT great but it does get better.

I plan to aDD A LITTLE 91% ISO alcohol to the windex and repeat above.

I have a large jpeg of the colorful Sgt. Pepper LP by the Beatles that has 1000's of colors so, I printed it and saw the colors were getting really good. What that means is subjective at least the colors don't run. Hope this helps. I've had this since 2001 bout an epson that prints CD-DVD covers for my band--then last week I got this "YOU HAVE REACHED THE END OF LIFE...CONTACT EPSON TECH). WHAT A BUCH OF CRAP HUH ?

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