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Seem to be Losing heat?

Hi my GHD flat iron straighteners seem to be losing heat. They don't seem to be as hot as when I first purchased them. I don't use any products when straightening my hair & they are less than 18 months old? Any suggestions or is it a case of buying a new pair?

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GHD straighteners are notorious for losing their heat over time. If you know your specific model, you can use this GHD repair website to help diagnose your problem and order replacement parts to do the repair yourself.

If the plates aren't getting hot enough, but they are still successfully emitting heat from both sides, then you probably need more thermal paste under the non-switch side heater element. Use this page to troubleshoot different heating element problems.

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Well I've had so many different flat iron over time, and it seems to me the best thing to do is get rid of that iron all together and get a chi iron . These specific irons in my opinion are the best i ever had and will last for years. I currently have a chi flat iron now and this will be my 5th year owning it. And they get hot very quickly unlike those other brands where you have to wait like 15 to 20 minutes. But with the chi I wait maybe 2 minutes max before its to my ideal level. The only part that sucks is the $$$. The usually are over a $100 but I'm telling you it's worth it...

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Ive had my Chi flat iron few years & dont use it very much anymore but now it wont heat up?? It has power? Im perplexed

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