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Why is my Dell XPS Studio 1645 battery not recognised or charging?

I have a Dell XPS Studio 1645 (bought late 2009)

the warranty has expired so no replacement possible with Dell.

I bought a new battery and it isn't recognised. (I hit the MS-DOS screen with option F1, F2 or F12)

I read to uninstall "microsoft ACPI-Compliant control method battery" in the setup configuration.

But it isn't working : the power still runs the laptop but doesn't charge the battery.

I tried the same with the old battery : same issue.

I bought the Dell Studio XPS 1640 / 1645 / 1647 DC Power Input Jack with Cable as a lst resort.

I connected that power input jack and checked if it was charging : no success.

Anybody have any other suggestions ?

Much appreciated, Thanks


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Hi Brian

I'm afraid not .

If it were the case : when I unclipped the old DC Power Input Jack with Cable , and replaced it with the new one (Dell Studio XPS 1640 / 1645 / 1647 DC Power Input Jack with Cable) , it should have loaded and started charging the battery with any issue.

i'm afraid there is something else blocking the proper charging of the battery.

i'm just very wary of unscrewing the four levels of panels to access the power baord see what is wrong. i read a comment by Julie Austad explaining the power was a problem with these XPS. She gave an explanation but I'm not sure it is linked.

And it is impossible to find a step by step guide to help you open up the XPS and close it after.

- de

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it could be from the connector or IC inside the laptop. CMIIW

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The service manual is available here:

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