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Una consola de videojuegos producida por Sony Computer Entertainment, anunciada por primera vez el 20 de febrero, en 2013 y lanzada el 15 de noviembre en 2013.

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Where to buy replacement parts?

Hi, I'm searching for replacement parts for the PS4 but I can't find anything. For example, I need a power supply, the wlan antenna or a new Blu-Ray drive.

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Hi, we supply cell phone spare parts, maybe we also can supply game parts for, could you send me the list?

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Hello Allen, sorry I have no partnumbers.

For example interessting:

- HDMI Port

- Blue-Ray drive / only the drive logicboard

- HDD or compatible SSHD

- WLAN antenna

- Power supply

- Mainbboard

Do you ship also to germany? I can't find any information on your site but it looks really good.

- de

Hi Iceberg, may i have you email address? so we can communicate by email,we ship to over the world, we can search the item in China email is

- de

Such as ps4 hdmi connector at local China

- de

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Your best bet is probably Ebay. There are lots of these parts there and many of them ship internationally.

I also stock many of these parts, but usually don't shipping internationally is a challenge because the cost of shipping is so high.

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