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La edición 2013 del portátil ultraligero para juegos de 14" de Razer.

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razer blade wont turn on issues with usb port

i would like to fix my razer blade laptop but it had an issue with the usb port didn't work at times and then it quit working all together and it had issues with turning off when you shut it off it go black but the green light would stay on and what happen was when you leave it like that it would heat up very hot and then it show a red light and i turned it off one time an i forgot i didn't shut off an what happen was it mostly heated up so hot that it broke a part i was wondering if i could get help fixing the problem or would i just have to get it repaired.

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Hello there. Let me guess, this is the 2013 or 2014 edition? Also let me guess, this is the usb port nearest headphone/mic combo jack? Usb failures are somewhat common on these. what happens is the mux fails and takes out the high side transistor causing a short to ground.(most of the time). I would be happy to repair this for you if you are interested in sending it in. I work on these devices daily. I would also be happy to answer any other questions.

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