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Repair and disassembly guides for remote controls.

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how do i open the case to fix a stuck botton

One of the buttons does not work and i want to open the case to clean it. I cannot open the top section... seems to be a trick to doing it.

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From what I saw, this is a common problem with Harmony remotes, and there are 4 screws in the back that remove a plate, and several clips around the edge that you can unsnap using a grown out fingernail or theoretically a guitar pick. something hard enough to work but soft enough not to damage plastic. Unfortunately I also read that the buttons are a sealed membrane assembly, so it probably wouldn't do any good to take it apart.

My advice is to email Logitech, even if it is out of warranty- they have good technical support, and see if they can help you.

if not, have at it.


EDIT: here, someone's done it.

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you will be lucky if logitech will do anything, their technical support is absolute rubbish, in contradition to what is said above. Unfortunately the remotes are built to last just out of warranty, which is very poor when they may cost upto $500 or so.


seriously? I've had the best treatment ever from L, I had a busted mouse and they sent me a new one in two days flat with no questions asked.


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I even asked them about doing a repair as opposed to a warranty claim and they did not want to do squat. You'd think that you may get poor service on cheap items (ie your mouse) and better service the bigger your investment is. Considering the amount of faulty harmony remotes i have read about maybe the technical support are sick of dealing with it. I paid $250 for my 785 remote ($400 was the top price i found at the time) and they did not want to repair it without warranty. When paying that much for a remote it should easily out live an oem remote, i have oem remotes that are over 8 years old without any issues and yet this thing was just outside warranty (12 months) when problems started. The remotes could be almost perfect, they just need to use tried and proven hardware construction. Oh !!! and yes remember that customer service is key to good business.

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