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Most popular marker made by Smart Parts in March 2005. 18 inches long and shoots up to 17 balls per second.

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What do I do if my macroline is leaking?

I can hear a hissing sound coming from my macroline, and I think it's leaking air. How can I fix this?

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After heavy use, the Ion's macro line can wiggle loose from the fittings causing air to leak out. To fix this, check out the macro line replacement guide. If the macro line continues to leak after replacement, the leaking may be caused by the macro line fittings and not the macro line tube. The macro line fittings need to be replaced.

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the board has two lines that don't really have a barb holding the macro line in place those can brake from using CO2 or just ozone and start to leak you have take take the battery out and try another batter if that dont work take off the tank and take out batter then allen bolts one inside the barell and 2 that are on the gun frame carefully seperate the body from the frame air up the gun check for the leak alot of the time it could be venting out the solenoid if that the case then un air the gun remove the banjo bolt that goes to the reg on the trigger frame and then pull the whole assembly up and remove the cover to the solenoid give a pull inspect the O ring connect the 9v check to see if the plunger moves if not press the trigger on the board and give it a tap then get out the plunger armature and clean the inside of the barrel of the solenoid with a q tip reassemble and put back together try again

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