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Modelo A1112 / 512 MB o 1 GB de capacidad

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My iPod shuffle is not starting

My iPod shuffle 1st generation 1GB capacity is not starting, just showing starting on the screen and do not process onward.

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What light pattern does the iPod show ?

since resetting isn't more than switching the shuffle off and after 5 seconds on - i won't get deeper into that point. maybe you should restore it with itunes. it's always problematic to tell something on a device that isn't capable of showing anything more than a light pattern. ah and by the way - the colored texts are links, you can click on them

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When I found a download, an iPod Reset Utility, my MacBook Pro told me not to open it...that it might contain Malware. Any ideas? The back shows green, but when I press the button on the front, there is no sound. There is a thin rectangular push-in just under the green section, with a battery icon next to it.

I've tried to recharge it overnight on my computer. Nothing. Then using the USB port into an Apple adapter into electricity. Again. Nothing. Ideas?


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i have the same issue except it has only 1 solid green light

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