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A guitar shaped controller for Guitar Hero III of the Guitar Hero video game franchise.

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Broken Connection - blinking lights

Hi Fellas,

up to now my Guitar worked fine. Just today as I tried to connect it seems to connect as Controller No. 2 but the other lights keep flashing and nothing works.

USB connector is unlikely because my other Guitar connects fine and the Broken one doesn't work with my Second connector as well. So I assume the Receiver of the Guitar.

My Problem is now I found no hint where to look for the Receiver Inside the Guitar. Do you have any Info for me about that?

Thx in Advance.



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I had the same issue. Controller used to work fine, but after a few years I discovered it wouldn't synch. I tried my other guitar with the USB dongle and that synced, so I knew it was the guitar. I replaced the 220uF @10v capacitor on the main circuit board and it fixed the problem.

Probably a good idea to also replace the 47uF @10v too, since the factory components are poor quality.

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I replaced the capacitor and the problem persists. Any ideas?

- de

The 220uF capacitor change worked for me. Previously, the LEDs blinked in sequence but never synced to the dongle, but now fixed once capacitor was replaced. Thanks.

- de

It's the correct fix done a few with same issue.. If it's not worked check soldering or polarity or replacement capacitors...

- de

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Worked for me:

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Hey Ferdinand,

i got the exact same problem.

Do you have any new information or solutions?



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