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A touchscreen e-reader by Amazon with silent page-turning buttons and auto-adjusting backlight, released October 21, 2014.

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Why is my screen frozen?

The screen of my Kindle won't change even though I try to turn it off and on. I tried charging it and pressing the power button again, but that didn't work either. Please help!

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Hold the power key down for 40 seconds, after about 8 seconds the screen should go blank, which is normal, continue holding it down however. Then try restarting or it may restart itself (mine seemed to).

Anyway I can't find an answer as to why it froze to begin with, I'd like to know as it may be preventable & therefore I can implement such guidance if it is!? I know it's not a massive fix to carry out if it becomes necessary but still it would be better for this not to happen in the first place....right!?


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If the screen on your device is frozen, try holding down the power button for 7 seconds. A menu should come up that will allow you to select an option to restart the device. If the menu fails to pop up, try manually restarting the device by holding the power button down for 40 seconds.

If restarting the device doesn't cause the screen to change at all, the screen itself may need to be replaced. Before you decide to replace the screen, make sure to double check that there are no problems with the battery, because the battery will be less expensive to fix than the screen will be. If you are sure that the problem is not with the battery, go to the Amazon Voyage device page and follow the link to the Screen Replacement repair guide to learn how to replace the screen.

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Thanks for the advice Zac. I tried holding the power button for the recommended durations, but nothing happened. Then while I was looking for warranty info on my Amazon page, I came across another suggestion; try charging it with another USB cable. I used the charger and cable for my Samsung phone and the Kindle Voyage is working perfectly again.


Thanks for this advice, that does make sense. However, how can I make sure it is not the battery? E.g. in my case, I have opened the device and removed the battery and replaced it again, recharged it and so on, but nothing on the screen has changed. Is that an indication that the screen is broken, or is it indeed the battery (or sth else, say, the mainboard)? Thanks a lot for your help!


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My kindle is stuck on the page that says


Web Browser

MP3 Player

Text to Speech

I have held the button and it is not changing.

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Thank you so much! It is fixed now.


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My kindle won’t unfreeze. I got the screen replaced and the battery replaced and it still won’t unfreeze. I have tried everything but it won’t unfreeze no matter what i do.

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