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windows wont roll down whipers will not work heat and ac wont

okay so i have been having problems with my heat and ac not working nor my windows will not roll down or my whippers work on my 2007 Chevy Colorado Pickup truck and the automatic headlights does not work will work if i turn them on manually but the high beams wont work what so ever but the kicker is it will not work if it is cold out side it only happens every once in awhile and i have not one clue why can you guys help me out with this problem please.

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jordan, did all of these items stop working at the same time? what have you checked?


i have checked nothing and yes the all stopped at the same time and i have to clue why it only happens every once and awhile but mostly when its really cold out side but some days when it is cold it works fine i have no clue why


Just to clarify. It does not do it all the time, just sometimes? All components stop working at the same time?


yes and yes and i have no clue why


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Check your seals around your Main Fuse and relay box. Possibly there is water or moisture getting into that causing it to short out. Possibly your interior fuses are bad, may need replaced.. See when your battery was installed. May be time for a new battery. Seal all your electrical components with Dielectric grease to prevent water getting into them.

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