Released in May of 2013, the Xperia L is an Android smartphone featuring a 4.3" screen, 8 MP camera, and a dual-core processor. Identified by model numbers C2104 and C2105.

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wi-fi is not working. how to repair it?

wi-fi is not working. how to repair it ?

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First of all tell me if issue is the same booting your xperia in safe mode

Turn off the device.

Press and hold down the power key until the phone vibrates.

Wait until the Xperia™ logotype disappears.

Press and hold the volume down key. The device then restarts in safe mode.

To exit safe mode, restart the device.

So if your phone works fine in safe mode probably issue is caused by

- a conflict with a third party app that you installed after purchase

- firmware corrupted

So first of all you can remove all recent third party apps and if issue persists make a factory reset.

Remember that with reset you will loose all your datas.

for more information,

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I did all above steps and still the issue persists, I also tried by repair software option through PC companion.


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the phone has wifi problem that is activated each time the phone is turned off and turned on automatically

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did you get solution


the same problem is happening with me please tell any solution


this problem not solving with software repair, this killing me. Please solve it


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