The Logitech M215 is a wireless, optical sensor mouse. It connects via USB to the computer and should run off generic device drivers.

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Mouse will not scroll

I have been using my mouse for a while, and it was working fin. Now the scroll wheel doesn't work. It just won't respond to clicking or scrolling.

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Lubricant was covering the optical slits in the wheel of my mouse. I cleaned the lubricant off slit area using cue tips wet with alcohol.


My mouse would scroll down, but not up. Discovered there was dust in the slit just below the wheel on top. Sprayed with canned air and now it works fine!


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First ensure that the mouse is on if not press the restart button on the bottom of the mouse to turn it on. If the problem still persists try restarting the computer if that does not fix it you will have to clean the scroll wheel or your scroll wheel is broken ad you will have to replace it.

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There was some kind of vaseline inside the scroll wheel covering almost all the holes in the scroll wheel's side. There is photo-transistor detecting those holes moving during the scrolling.

I put paper towel under the scroll wheel and gave a good amount of WD40 into scroll wheel interior. Next morning the wheel was clean, all vaseline along with WD40 soaked into paper towel under the wheel.

Assembled the mouse back and it's working nice.

Update: after 4 months it's still working like the new thing.

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wheel working sometimes. Opened and cleaned but still problem persists.

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