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Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen. The device needs only prying tools and screwdrivers to fix. Model number: ME370T.

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What shoid do? It shows charging while its unplugged!

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Last 2 days ago I connect charger to charge tablet ( it was 70%) then after an hour checked again and whoa! 30%!!!!!! Check battery usage and noticed although I connected charger cable but battery drained inverse!

Unplugged it and try another Asus 7 charger and same problem, Battery goes off after 0% and when I plugged again just flicker screen and nothing happend, I tried cleaning USB port, changing cable and charger and done instruction of nexus Google website ( Press power + volume and bluh bluh bluh) even remove battery and charge it separately with power supply then put it back again, tablet switch on again and andrid comes healthy but again it shows charging!!!! no charger and indicate charging!!! I even flashed the whole rom and boot loader, doesnt solved,

I dont know what to do,,, Battery is healthy charger is healthy , usb port is cleaned but problem insist

What do you suggest?

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from what read this problem could be from a damaged usb flex. i have this problem. due to this i cant even shut down the tablet...cause it turns on screen to show charging process. by disconnecting battery and reconnecting it doesnt show charging...but as soon as i plug charging cable it says charging but doesnt charge for $@$*. unplugging it and it stays on charging status. for the time being i kept the nexus battery cable disconnected aside trying to figure out a solution. hopefully someone who fixed it pops up. let me know if you fixed it...ok :p

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hmmm...i changed usb flex a few times....did not solve the its a different source then

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Sounds like usb port failure a short between sense and positive conections.

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i have this problem too i really want my ipad back it was super expensive it was over 1000$!!!!! please help.

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hahaha, 7 xxing years, still no one solve this prob. me have the same. let it drain some power, it stops. but this is still the best, I love it.

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Me too... unplugged but shows charging, and always self-turn on to show charging without being plugged in. I found this happens when my battery is 100% fully charged. let my nexus 7 gen2 4G drain a while till charge goes down to <90%, it stops. I replaced its power board with the USB port, didn't work. Don't know where it come from. Still using this big phone, I love it anyway. I claim this is the best of the best pad ever made on this earth. Don't understand why those $@$*-head stopped the Nexus line.

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