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The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is a graphing calculator released in 2004. It includes a USB port, pre-loaded software, APPS, storage, and a removable front and back case.

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No power for the instrument

I changed a new set of batteries but still no power.

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Hi Hu

Open up the calculator, check for any corrosion inside the calculator.

Normally Gold Contacts are often corroded by leaked battery.

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does anyone know anyone/anyplace (in the UK) that I could get someone to take a look at my TI-84 Plus and potentially repair it/replace some parts?

I have the same problem, it just won't turn on, even after replacing all the batteries including the back up battery.

TI won't replace it because it's a few months past the 3 year guarantee. (grrrrrrr. I thought my TI-84 would last for decades, in fact i'm even thinking of getting a casio as a replacement in protest)

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buy a torx screwdriver and soldering iron? sometimes the fix is simple, and disassembly is straight forward. you probably need a soldering iron. I dislike ti because they dont fix bugs on their calculator and release updates only to prevent calculator modding.

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