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iPhone keeps rebooting apple symbol, and shuts off

I bought an iphone 5 on Craigslist and it worked fine until the battery started acting up, so there was this battery recall so apple fixed my iPhone a few weeks ago with a new battery. Then like a week ago, my I woke up the next day and then my phone started flashing the apple symbol, and I was SO frustrated cuz it won't turn on. It just keeps flashing the apple symbol. So I took it to the apple store and they said my Motherboard/logic board failed due to normal phone usage and they said they'd have to replace my iPhone for $290, and its frustrated me because I  just wasted my money. Now, my question would be could you fix/ replace the motherboard? like I looked on the Internet and they said it could be because of the battery replacement apple did, but Im not completely sure. Don't even try recovery mode, because I tried doing that and resetting my iPhone but it was unable to do so, signifyin a hardware problem.

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You are indeed able to replace your iPhone's logic board, see the guide here: iPhone 5 Logic Board Replacement

It isn't the easiest repair that you can do on your phone, but it's definitely doable. Unfortunately logic boards are one of the more expensive repairs, and a replacement will run you $100+. If you have a Verizon iPhone 5, then iFixit has 1 logic board in stock right now for $150 (iPhone 5 Logic Board).

Best of luck.

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iPhone 5 Logic Board


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