Why my iPhone 5 screen has weird screen display?


I've been experiencing really crazy screen problem with my iPhone!

Suddenly, out of the blue, my screen changed to black and white vertical lines. I did some researched, and did the rebooting. It failed, and I did several more times. Then, the screen displayed red and white vertical lines, and the Apple logo was gone. When I switched it off and on again, the apple logo wasn't visible, but I know it still worked because I could get incoming calls and was able to call, too. I just turned it off and left it like that for few days, and when I turned it on, the screen went super dark, but I could see the screen, like the apps and all the display although it looked super dim as if I turn the brightness to zero. Again, I switched it off and left for few days. (I currently stayed in a very small city and nobody has iPhone here, like literally. So I can't go and fix it or whatever) I connected it to iTunes, updated it, and left it again. When I switched it on again, I can see the screen and it's quite visible but there are bluish, whitish, vertical lines. I can see the display but the bright lines really annoys me. I really wonder, is this software or hardware problem? DO I really have to get it fixed? Not that I don't want but there's no any iPhone service center here. Can't even find any shop that sells iPhone casing, let alone some repair shop.. Is there really no solution? I am so desperate now.. Thanks a lot!

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LCD connector has come partially loose or the LCD is going bad. First step would be to simply press LCD connector perfectly back into place on the logic board and then see how it functions. If still faulty need new front screen.

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I don't know how to do that but I will have my friend to do that for me. Thanks!


Did the LCD replacement work for your issue?


Yes, I finally got the LCD screen replaced with new one as nothing else worked. Once it was replaced, all things go back to normal.


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