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Apple lanzó el iPad Air adelgazado y pulido el 1 de noviembre de 2013 en una opción de Space Grey o Silver. Incluye el procesador A7 personalizado y se envía en configuraciones de 16, 32, 64 y 128 GB.

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Where to buy good replacement screens in UK

Hi All,

I have been fixing phones and ipads/tablets for a couple of years now and have successfully repaired over 200 devices, the one device i constantly have trouble with is the iPad Air, I can remove and fit the new digitizer but everytime i stick the screens down they start dancing around like the iPad is possesed.

I'm being as careful as i can with the digitizer cables and connections and not getting things trapped but it seems for every iPad Air i fix i need 3 screens to get one that works properly.

At the moment i buy my screens from trusted sellers on eBay that i buy most of my other phone and ipad screens from but it seems the iPad Airs just aren't up to scratch. The digitizer cables always seem that bit more rigid than the original apple item, and i think this is where the problem lies.

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Would don't care if trusted sellers on flea-Bay they usually sell cheap Chinese trash

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Are these made some other place than China?

- de

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