iPhone 5C Gps not working perfect

Hi guys,

I was wondering,

i just build whole my iphone over in a new frame,

now one thing is not working perfect like it should be,

the gps is not verry precisely , when i enter an adress it keeps changing my position, its like it has an bad connection .

where is the GPS located in my celephone

is it the wifi board,

or is it the small golden bracket on the top side of the phone because it should lay perfect but i still dont understand why it does not work.

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Tips: Improving phone GPS performance

Turn phone off/on

Turn location services off/on

Perform a GPS reset:

1. Double tap the home button. This will bring up tile sized images of all currently running apps. Swipe the screens of all apps upwards to close them.

2. Then go into settings and turn on airplane mode.

3. When you've done that go to settings, general, reset and choose reset network settings (you will need to re-enter your wifi passwords!)

4. Once your phone has reset go to settings, location services, turn it off then on again.

5. Then go settings > privacy > location services > system services, setting time zone OFF.

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didn't work after following instructions


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Check the top logic board screws and contact washers/clips are properly installed (iPhone 5c Rear Case Replacement step 47,48,54-62). Also check the RF bridge cable along the logic board(you can see it on step 53).

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