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Where can I find screw kits?

I know that most of you have encountered this problem, but I can't seem to find an easy solution.

Yesterday, I was repairing a hair iron everything went fine until I forgot to re-install a part and had to disassemble again. Unfortunately, I managed to strip the head of a screw-- requiring me to drill out the head to be able to reopen the case. Now I am missing a 1 cent screw which I need. I don't know what pitch the screw is-- if I buy some screws, I will just shotgun a selection of several parameters and hope one is right.

To avoid this problem in the future, I looked around for some screw kits but no luck. So... what do people do when in this jam?

When I say screw-kit, I don't mean just a selection of screws for a particular product, what I would like to do is to have a kit containing a thousand or so little screws which are common in consumer electronics/appliances: different pitches, lengths, head-types, etc. Surely there has to be something out there. But if not, does anyone have some guidelines on putting together a shopping list economically so that I am not in this jam again?

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Hey mate. To answer your question, its not exactly easy to buy or make a list of generic electronics goods, screws. Every manufacture uses different pitches, lengths, uses either imperial or metric, head-types etc etc. There is no real way of creating such a list, and it is purely endless.

I have had the exact same problem as you, time in and time out and it drives me up the wall. I personally have a 4 draw small cupboard on my desk, full of different size crews, bolts etc. And they are simply from pulling old stuff apart and saving the screws.

My personal advice to you, is maybe buy a few parts trays, draws or what ever it is you like to use to organise small stuff. And simply when stuff dies, strip it down and save the screws, or salvage old electronic good such as hair dryers, irons etc, gut them for screws and maybe even pit them into labeled zip lock bags. From doing so myself, I 60% of the time, can find a replacement (or cut one to size), simply from saving screws from generic electronics goods.

My only other idea is to buy something like this; to get you started off, but even still, it only covers a very small amount.

I'm sorry this isn't that helpful, but I hope it did help you somewhat.

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