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El HP Compaq nc6400 es un laptop delgado y liviano de 14.1" en la línea de negocios de HP. El dispositivo fue lanzado en mayo de 2006.

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Why does my laptop sometimes shut down without me doing anything?

When I am doing things on my laptop, like playing games and watching videos on Youtube, my laptop just shuts down without any notice. This only happens when I'm on battery power, and it happens at any given time, even when the battery is at full charge!

For the conditions:

Windows 7 Pro

High Performance Battery Setting

Got a new battery a few months before

Windows Aero theme for window border

Hope this here helps!

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If this is *only* happening on battery power, then it is most likely a battery related issue. The replacement battery you got could be defective or a very low-quality replacement (Been there, thanks ebay!), or an issue with the battery connection on the motherboard. Was your old battery completely dead? If not and you still have it, try swapping back and seeing if the problem persists.

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You had board issue,or the processor is overheating

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