This is a guide for the LG Optimus G Pro Phone. It was released February 2013, and can easily be identified by its Model Number: E980.

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How do I calibrate screen

Hello I just recently replaced my LCD display and touch screen as a unit and all the touch commands are about a half inch off from where I selected.. Where is the option to calibrate the touch screen display? I have tried multiple hard and soft resets.

Lg optimus g pro e980

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Go to the settings menu, then General settings. After that go to Gestures, then press Motion sensor calibration. The phone will instruct you from this point. You might have to calibrate it a couple of times to meet your personal specifications.


This is only for the motion sensor and not the display. Doesn't help at all.


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Hi guys, do you have any updates on this?

How we can calibrate/synchronize our new digitizer replacement with our phone?

This is kind of stupid problem - to replace the touch screen and discover that new one does the taps in the wrong places.

Mine for instance is shifted on approx 3-4 mm vertically and it drives me mad when I'm browsing and clicking on the links!

Can we override the necessary x y coordinates which are perceived by Android? Or can we purge the Synaptics co-processor attached to the touch screen unit?

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I called LG, and there is not a feature in this phone to calibrate the touch screen, sorry

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motion sensor calibration missing

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