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anunciado en octubre de 1999.

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Cracked CRT dispay, is it dangerous?

Hello, I have an iMac G3, the display still works, but the ceramic (i think) shell surrounding the CRT display is cracked.... is this in any way dangerous ? the display still works, I just want to know if this computer is dangerous to operate ...

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Not quite sure which part you are referring to. If the CRT would be cracked it would not be functional. Take pictures of the part/area that is cracked and post them with your question. It will allow us to see what you see.

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Sounds to me like your case is cracked around the CRT. I'd pull the shell and just push it back into place then flow some superglue in the crack to hold it in place.

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its not the case that cracked, but sort of ceramic shell that i believe is part of the crt assembly, i can see the ceramic shell is cracked through the transparent plastic outer shell...

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Hello unless the backlight doesnt work or it starts to smell odd then its fine to use but please dont take the dispay apart thanks.



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@ alex wiggins, CRT Backlight? Where is that located? Never seen a backlight on a CRT monitor....

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