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Zipper comes apart when fully zipped

The zipper on my coat, when full zipped up comes apart in the middle of the coat. So the top is still zipped and the bottom is still fully seated together. Is there anyway to fix this without replacing the zipper? It's really annoying!

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It might be that the zipper pull has "opened up". This can happen by forcing the zipper or just from use. It last happened to my 15 year old down vest. Give this a try. First make sure the zipper and pull are not damaged. If they appear to be OK take a needle nose pliers and carefully squeeze the fat (lead) end of zipper pull to slightly lessen the gap the zipper and zipper tape need to go through.

It works for me if everything else looks good.

Good Luck

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Thanks Chuck~! I got a super cute sweater jacket that was a steal from a thrift store. $1 versus $155....but then realized that the zipper did not work. Will pick up a pair of needle nose pliars & give it a try!

- de

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