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Procesador Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos a 2.3, 2.6 o 2.7 GHz (Turbo Boost hasta 3,7 GHz) con 6 MB de caché L3 compartida.

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MBPr keeps crash, black screen, esp in bootcamp

Dear all,

I have used my MBPr 15" for 2 years. There is a new problem troubling me recently. The computer crash without warning occasionally and when it reboot, it is often crash again immediately when you log in. You need to restart it several times, and sometimes, you need to wait to tomorrow. Then it can be restart normally. Sometimes, you can log in, but without display. There is still no display when you output the screen to another monitor. But you can hear the sound of MAC OS to prove the system is still working.

I have tried to reboot from another MAC OS in external hard drive. There is the same condition.

I then bootcamp the SSD, and install a win7 inside. And the windows crash every time I log in. Then I log in safe mode, and disable the display card driver, there is no more crash.

Because it does not always happen in MAC OS system. I also force the system to use Nvidia graphic card all the time, but it doesn't always crash...

So, please help me to find out the problem. Thank you very much .

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Can you find your way to an Apple Store? Apple had a bad run of SSD's. It sounds like you have one in your system. This would be an extended warranty repair.

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you mean SSD is broken? I shift my system to an external HDD, and run another OS. Still the same condition. I even open the laptop and change a new SSD inside. Still the same. I don't think this is related to hard drive or software ...

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How did you startup your system, are you sure you got the external to be the booting drive.

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Setting>start HDD>choose the other HDD with another MAC OS > restart.

Actually, I took off the 960G SSD with Yosemite , and put back the original 256G SSD with Mavericks... Still the same.

And the most common problems are related to displaying system, thus, I suspect the graphic card or relative is the main problem...

However, sometimes, the system works perfectly, like now, no crash for hours of use... It is very weird. I ever took it to some store for fixing (no APPLE store in Taiwan), he told me the mother board is broken, and is very very expansive to replace it.... I didn't very believe him. I think it must be a small broken part.

I also suspect the cooling because it crashes in a cluster pattern. Repeated crash... and you need to rest it for days.... and it can work normally again. ...

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OK, lets try digging into this deeper. Download these apps: coconutBattery it will allow you to look at some of the power aspects. Temperature Gauge Pro allows you to look into the fan's and thermal sensors. In your case I do recommend getting the full version as you will want the logging function with it you can note the temp at the point of crashing.

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I would not say this issue is answered at all.

Also I have a very smiliar issue with late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina which i want to reference: Crashing Randomly what could it be?

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hi yes my macbook pro 13 inch with touch bar does the same plus gives me a working with kernel failure and still after formatting does the same!

how can i sole it ?

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