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How to remove and repair the Lens?

Two of my work provided cameras have taken greats falls from two story roofs! The first a coolpix aw110 works fine but has a shatter in the lens which can be seen from the turn out rather blurry. How do I take this camera apart to replace the lens? The second camera a coolpix aw100 does not have any visible lens damage but after a couple falls from a two story( was trying to throw it to a guy on the roof...umm yes i am not a very good throw!) the pictures came out very blurry and now the screen does not come on or stays black when the camera is turned on...when you try to take a picture it then says lens error. How do I fix it or take it apart? can I make one good from both bad ones? where is a good place to get parts? Thanks ALL!!!

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Well unfortunately since you bought a Nikon, parts are not available widely, its actually against company policy for anyone who is sold parts, to resell them. So you have to find them from people who either take apart working cameras and part the parts out, or the chinese manufacturers

In this case a fall like that you won't be able to simply "rebuild" the lens I am sure you broke the plastic that those cameras are made of inside. ALSO big also, this is a "waterproof" camera so you will have to reseal it upon putting back together which is either done by new seal material or heating up the old, don't heat too much you will melt internal plastics.

Heres the lens unit if you want to attempt to repair it, Though unless you are very comfortable with small electronic repair, I would suggest just sending it to a repair facility.

If you are going to take it apart yourself, have a solder close by, take your time.. if something is not coming apart don't force it, you are missing something holding it.

I work on digital Cameras every day .. have for about 7 years now, and absolutely hate taking apart these cameras, they are not "easy".

Hope you have success, if any more questions post! I check rather frequently

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Thank you Brice. I do not care about the waterproof part of these cameras as they do not get subject to any more water then a little rain here and there and only for a couple seconds while taking a picture of the solar we install on the roof. I am not wanting to spend any money on them as they are work provided and not really my responsibility but i was thinking if i could somehow fix one of them then it would save my work from having to buy another one. But if that is out of the question then it is what it is and i will just turn them back in to work. Thank you for your response! DJ

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