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Released September 2013, the Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D model number ME-7D-8GB is an affordable and sturdy tablet designed for kids.

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Why won't my device charge?

I tried charging my device using the supplied cable which is in good condition and it didn't work.

The device is out of power and I can't get it to turn on. Up until now my device would charge but would lose its charge faster and faster.

It showed a low battery icon the first few times I tried to turn it on after it ran out of battery, but now it doesn't do anything.

What should I do?

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how can you tell when the battery is fully charged.does the battery icon ever supposed to turn green mines stay yellow.

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Had the same problem with my tablet charge it and boost and it still wouldn't come on . Got a new charger and the same thing what is wrong with this tablet only had it six months.

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Your battery may need to be replaced. Follow the Battery Replacement Guide for instructions. The guide can be found here.

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Trash it. Cheap tablet. They supply defective xformers which overheat, short out and blow the Charging circuit inside the tablet. Mine lasted less than two weeks.

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