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The Sony Xperia Z is an Android based phone that was released in 2013. It is one of the largest phones of the Xperia family with a 5-inch full HD display. Model numbers include C6603/C6602.

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Screen Issue on xperia z

My phone is experiencing a problem that its screen sometimes goes off but a little dim white light appers..After sometime its screen automatically start show everything.I want to know that whether its LCD should replaced or connecting jack of lcd is loose.this problem has occured many a times.Please suggest a solution to my problem.

had it been a issue of screen damage then it would not work after sometime on its own

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If you don't believe it's the result of dropping then I'd power the phone off, restart and see if the issue recurs. Try also a software update. If these things don't fix the issue then you will have to replace the screen/check screen connection

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Thanks for the reply.

- de

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incoming calls I cant answer?

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is it the auto adjustment which you turn on from


therefore light source will affect the display brightness accordingly...

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