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También conocido como Samsung Galaxy Note 4G, Samsung SGH-I717, Samsung Galaxy Note LTE lanzado en enero de 2012.

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USB Port Replaced but still not working

Hi, this is my first post on anything like this so please bare with me. I have a Galaxy Note Model N7000 with a dodgy USB Port. I have tried a different cable and that still doesn't charge it. I bought and replaced the USB board but it still it won't charge. The strange thing is when I hold the phone flat but push the cable down it starts to charge, this is the same with the new board I have replaced. I have checked all the connecters and wiped them with a bit of alcohol to make sure there is no grease or any dust in there but still to no avail. Upon closer inspection of the battery it looks like it has warped so I was thinking of ordering a new one and trying that. Has anyone got any thoughts to what else this might be? Thanks for the help.

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Same problem here

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Same problem here, anyone found a solution already?

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