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Lanzado en marzo de 2010 en EE. UU., el Pokewalker es un accesorio para Pokémon Heartgold y Soulsilver.

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Is it possible to erase the current trainer data on the Pokewalker?

I recieved a Pokewalker from a friend a while ago and i noticed that her trainer was still there. I thought maybe replacing the battery would do it, but it was still there. I want to replace the pokewalker with my trainer but it always tells me that the pokewalker is used by someone else. Is there any possible way to erase the previous data?

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Yeah there is! Page 51 in the Pokewalker manual. From the main menu, choose the third option, PokéWalker. On the menu to synchronize the PokéWalker, press the Down, X, and L buttons at the same time. It will then warn that the save data will be erased and cannot be undone. Select the top option and press and hold the center button on the PokéWalker while highlighting the sync option. Within one second, the device will be reset to its initial state.

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Thank you so much! I've searched all over the internet and never got an answer besides get a new one. Thanks! :D

- de

This is still helping people 5 years later, thankyou

- de

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You're welcome Johnathan! I actually work in a game store and I always have people asking me this question. I am super happy I could help!

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This doesn't work for me. Erased the save file on the cartridge that's on the pokewalker. How now?

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