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Razor's A2 kick scooter was released in 2000, replacing the classic A model. Improvements from the original Razor A include a spring suspension and an added wheelie bar.

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I can't fold my scooter no matter how hard I try?

After I'm done using my Razor A2 scooter, I always try to fold it and stow it away in my garage. However, no matter how hard I try, I just can't get the darn thing to fold! Any suggestions?

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so annoying!! i can't get mine to fold, either.


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First, make sure you turn the Joint release latch located right behind the front wheel of the scooter.

As you turn the latch, fold your scooter and it should fold easily.

If it doesn't fold, be sure that the scooter's handlebars aren't blocking the scooter from folding fully and the alignment wheels at the bottom of the handlebars are in-line with the folding mechanism.

If your scooter is still not folding, it may be due to debris stuck at the quick release latch. To find out how to disassemble your scooter and remove the debris, visit the Quick Release Latch Guide on the Razor A2 Device Page.

Visit the Razor A2 Troubleshooting page to find any more problems with the folding mechanism.

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I suffered with this problem for so long, but I found out the answer. So what you got to do is lift it up with one hand on the T bar, then you want to push down the lever facing to the brake of the scooter, then you will feel it click and then just push it together, your done!!!

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