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Bluetooth 4.0 upgrade parts

After upgrading to Yosemite, I have seen that there is a Handoff Breakdown With Activation Tool


for older macs.

As Handoff needs bluetooth 4.0 to work, there are instructions on the post about if and which cards are needed to upgrade non bluetooth 4.0 macs... Apart from my mid 2010 macbook.

Does anyone know if its possible and which bluetooth/wifi card i need to upgrade my bluetooth so I can use Handoff??


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Been looking for more info on this but can't find anything. Have you got any links? Cheers. Just want to know it is completely compatible.

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So far only the MacBook Pro systems have been upgradable


Follow the links at right. You'll see there's a sorta kinda upgrade success for some "unsupported: platforms however these are not simple plug and play solutions they involve both hardware changes and hacking the OS.


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I use an ASUS USB Bluetooth Device with the Continuity SW and Still Works With the Latest High Sierra Update!

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