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The Kodak EasyShare Z740 offers an impressive feature set, easy-to-use controls, and a powerful zoom, making it a good choice for anyone looking for a simple camera with room to grow.

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Why is my device not turning on?

I press the on/off switch and nothing happens.

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There are many explanations for this problem, but lets start with the easiest. Make sure to hold the power button for a few seconds rather than just pressing it. Next, the problem can be the batteries. If you notice they are dirty or messed up in any way, replace them. Also, if you do not notice any problems with the batteries, try removing them and putting them back in the correct pole direction. Finally the last two solutions to the problem are making sure the camera is charged by attaching the camera to the charger, and the last problem is the most serious and may require you send the camera in for repair, a bad logic board. This is an important part of the camera and you may cause more damage than good trying to replace it if you are not experienced in doing so.

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thank you this was very helpful :)

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how much would it cost (sending it to repair)

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I have all of this right, and I think my logic board is broken, but I can't afford to replace it. Any other fixing solutions than sending it in for repair?

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thanks for the info. but I'm having all the symptoms as well.

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This simple statement is useful for normal people, as for  my, which is electronicien, I find it insufficient, I ask a presentation following the problem with the synoptic or schematic diagram of the camera.I do not know anything about the technique of the cameras .I thank you in advance.

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get a new one it is easier

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