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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Optical Drive fan fast

Original problem was that the DVD drive wasn't recognized (no drive, and no power to drive).

Took iMac apart, and repalced it. Still didn't recognize new drive. Took it apart again, and put in original drive.

Still didn't recognize it. Cable is plugged in. New problem: ODD fan is running at full speed.

Reset SMC. Reset PRAM, to no avail. Finally just unplugged it, since the ODD 'didn't work' anyway. left it like that for a year or more. Computer works, but will lock up hard once pretty often, usally after waking from sleep.

Tried to look again. LCD sensor is connected fine. All other cables are connected fine. ODD drive works! like magic!

Ran Apple Hardware Test from DVD. It says HDD! fan is problem, and running at 1380 RPM. (1100-1200 is idle) Took HDD fan out. Looks fine, everything is connected. UNplugged ODD fan, ran test. Says ODD fan problem, 0 RPM.

Installed various programs to OS X, 10.9. All say temperature sensors are within spec. Some note ODD fan way over idle speed. Nothing noted about HDD fan.

Interestingly! and here is the question I guess. None mention ODD sensor! THey don't list it at 0, or out of spec, just NONE at all.

So, might this be indicitive of bad ODD temp sensor, that I broke with adding and removing ODDs?

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Dan, The only thing that looks odd is GPU 2 is listed as N/A. Is that Not Applicable, or mean is broke?

Again, there is one for HDD Bay, but nothing listed for ODD sensor. Its just plain not there. It does also, say the ODD fan is at ~4500 rpm. But no temperature listed at all.

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plugged ODD sensor into HDD socket. Can't go the other way, since they are different sized 2 pin plugs. But the HDD reports temp as well. so ODD sensor is good, just hardware is bad? Thats weird, I suppose.

BTW, deleted a reply where I thought ODD sensor cable was bad. Turns out I forgot to plug it in :)


Did you give Temperture Gauge Pro a try? How about posting a snapshot so we can see.


Tried temperature gauge pro. Sadly, by now, its out of trial period, so I can't take a picture of it, since it doesn't work now.

But it did list the temperature for the HDD, and never listed the ODD temperature at all, like the sensor didn't even exist. But if I plugged the ODD sensor into the HDD plug on the motherboard, it still read HDD temperature. SO must be bad plug, or bad board. Im leaning to cracked board, since it still regularly locks hard after wake from sleep.


If you swapped the sensors around and they both worked off of the same header (HDD) then you're right the logic board has a problem. I wouldn't assume a crack, more likely a failing or cold solder joint. As the PCB warms up it expands a bit and things can disconnect. And given your other symptom when the system wakes it often locks up that too is a tell tail sign of a bad solder joint.


See if you can find someone with the proper tools to service SMT components they maybe able to fix your board. Otherwise you'll need to think this through a bit. Is the cost of repair (replacing the logic bd) Vs getting a newer system cost effective given what you use your system for and its limits going forward.


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