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El GE Profile Tri-Temp es un dispensador de agua independiente con un compartimento refrigerado integrado.

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cold water wil not come out

the water will not come out ,the green light stays on all the time

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Mine isn't working, either!

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I am getting hot water out of all taps even the cold one.

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I have an Oasis water cooler and just encountered the same issue. It turned out that the water in the tank had frozen. I searched all over for a manual and the only one I found was useless. I called the dealer and they said, "Unplug the unit, wait for it to thaw, then plug it back in." (Great solution, unless it just happens again and again!) So I asked, "what if it keeps happening?" They told me to turn the thermostat down (clockwise), so I thanked them and went to do that.

Surprise, I couldn't find a thermostat on mine. Yours may have one, though!

I suggest unplugging the unit for a while (giving frozen water time to thaw), then look for an adjustable thermostat. If you can find it, turn it counterclockwise a little bit. Then plug the unit back in and see if that takes care of the problem.

P.S. I realize you may not have waited 2 years for an answer, but, like me, someone may come along with a similar problem later. Hope this helps!

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Mine is frozen too. This is the first time it's ever happened and I've had if for 9 years! I am unable to find an adjustable thermostat. So I'm going to thaw it out, plug it back in, and hope for the best.

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