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Phone keeps freezing-rebooting after screen replacement

Hi all.

I had a cracked screen and replaced the digitiser but to no succes. Its placed just fine but when i use the touch screen it freezes up and reboots to the nokia logo. Sometimes i can use it for a while, use the camera etc but then it freezes up.

It looks ok, the case does not close all the way since i cracked the frame at one spot but no tech is situated at this place.

I tried the recovery app, soft reset, hard reset and i even returnes it to factory defaults using the hidden key sequence. Its found by my computer btw.

I cannot find any info regarding these reboots after a screen replacement. Only regarding spontaneous reboots which occur with different models.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading :)

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It could be loose battery or loose battery connection.

My battery was little loose after LCD fix and I did get the same symptoms, I added couple stips of tape under the battery and after that everything was fine again.

Hope this will help you too.



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I'm having the exact same situation, I have Nokia Lumia 520 and stop working when I replaced the glass (digitizer) no LCD screen. The just won't turn on, it just gets to the Nokia logo and then reboots infinitely and never gets to turn on.

Have you found a solution yet? If so please email me at

Is there any chance that the phone is not working because of the new digitizer chip is not compatible with the phone?

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I have the same problem. Just replaced the lcd screen and now when i try to charge it, it shows the Nokia logo, reboots and does this infinitely. Please mail me if u have found the answer!

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Got exactly the same problem with a Lumia 735. Reason was that I was following the wrong YouTube manual which did not tell that 2 pieces had to be moved from old to new screen: next to the bigger rectangular piece you also have to replace the smaller one including the attached small circuit sheet.

Check out the video from Crocfix: "Nokia Lumia 730 735 LCD Display Screen replacement by CrocFIX".

Works like a charm now and hoping to use this great phone for another 2 or 3 years.

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