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The Nokia C1-02 is a Dual-band GPRS phone that includes Stereo FM radio with recording feature, and email.

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Why did my phone suddenly stopped working

my phone was dead all of a sudden. i thought the battery died. i put it on charged for half an hour still did not turn phone battery is wokring alright when i put it in another phone. what could be the problem?

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lots of possibilities:

1. LCD is bad. your phone IS on but you can't see it because the display is black. try the vibrator button. if the phone vibrates, then you most likely have a bad LCD.

2. loose connection inside phone. check all connections to LCD and battery

3. main logic board went kaput. in that case, the phone is toast.

4. charging port doesn't work any more. battery is drained and the phone cannot get juice through bad charging port. this can be replaced very inexpensively

5. probably more but I would start with these top 4.

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Its bullshit and &&^&@@ up that my phone just suddenly goes out these phones now a days are peices of $@$*

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Hurt i trusted nokia for years now its a total dissapointment. My nokia c1 has stopped working when i inquire about the problem i am told to pay R1000 to fix the software problem.

- de

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