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Procesador de 1.86GHz o 2.13GHz, almacenamiento flash de 128GB o 256GB

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Is it possible to upgrade RAM?

I have a Late 2010 Macbook AIR with 4GB (2x2GB) of RAM. I'd like to upgrade it to as much as it can take. I can't find any tutorials on how to replace/upgrade RAM on this device.

Is it possible? How much RAM can this device use?

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This is the Apple's anti-upgrade strategy

The cheapest route, sell the MacBook, buy a new pc laptop

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PC? Really? If ytou do that get ready for shutdowns, frozen screens and shitloads of frustrations. 4GB ram on a mac = 8 on any PC.

MAC WORKS everytime and all the time.

Buy a PC indeed. That ias terrible advice

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You have to replace the entire logic board. There is no replaceable RAM module, the RAM chips are directly soldered onto the logic board.

Not to mention 4GB is already the top configuration available to this model so there is no logic board with bigger RAM available.

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Soldered, it is. The next level is :

What do you think ?

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Sure with the $5,000 of gear to rework the board and access to the chips (custom). Don't forget this guy does this for a living so he's skilled are you?

I think I would take the cheaper route - Just replace the board as @tomchai recommends ;-}

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