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El Kenwood Chef A701A es una batería de pie lanzada por Kenwood.

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Kenwood chef A701A schematics

Where can I find the schematics for a Kenwood chef model A701A in order to restore this machine?.

Mike Jordan.

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why you did not have any power module part schematic diagram if you have it would very useful, for us to get replacement parts

- de

i have been using KENWOOD for the passed forty years it give me no problem.

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I have probed my A701A and looked at one of the relevant patents. My provisional schematic is here .

As I say there, it is only guesswork based on probing with a simple multimeter without C and H ranges in circuit.

On my machine, it has become clear that the only problem was that the "points" (the centrifugal switch) no longer closed when the motor was not running. It was easy to remove the retaining screws and bend the copper support a little.

The relevant patent (best in pdf) is US3701935.pdf. I can't for the moment find where it was freely available, but avoid some of the suspicious sites that seem to want to charge or collect information to download it. That patent by Prof Collie is about adding a triac to the circuit precisely to reduce wear on the "points".

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Nice research, please come back anytime ;-)

- de

Caveat! Ther service manual mentions many variations of the circuit. There are motors with 1 and others with 2 capacitors.

I collected a good amount of links concerning the Kenwood A701a in a youtube playlist: You will find a link to the service manual as well.

- de

How do i find out if mine is a 1 or 2 capacitor machine , i really wanted to order the parts before stripping it down

- de

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I found this on Google!

Hope this helps

Clive Harlow

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It appears the gear does not engage….

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This question has nothing to do with the schematics. Please post in a correct place. Anyhow I think I found a replacement kits to engage the gear without the grey cover. Dig through my links (see above posting by me on 4-Feb) - might take some time...

- de

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